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L. is the specialist in designing & manufacturing transformers, coils. With more than 30 years of industrial experiences, they are capable to provide the power transformer, telecom transformer, line filer, choke coils, steel power, SMD inductors and so on. At L., you will find your desired transformer with the most reasonable price and high quality. We are your best choice for Taiwan transformer manufacturer and transformer supplier.

Picture of Power Transformer

Power Transformer

    L. takes pride in bringing you a wide range of power transformer. Their switching power transformers are in reasonable price and best quality. L. welcomes your OEM inquiries, kindly send your requirements and we will reply you as soon as possible. L. Electronics is your one-stop solution to your power transformer needs. Call L. now!

Picture of Telecom Transformer

Telecom Transformer

    Professional transformer manufacturer offers many different standards, models and functions of telecom transformer that can be used for various electronic devices, instance of switchboard, splitter, phone filter, personal computer, medical devices, control equipment and etc. The characteristics of telecom transformer are high quality, efficiency, high power density and minimize noise. However, the detailed information of telecom transformer can be found in the supplier showroom by click the product name.

Picture of Line Filter

Line Filter

    Line filter can be used for entertainment electronics, houseware products, information technology products, telecom and etc. L. is a outstanding transformer manufacturer and has producing various length and sizes of line filter to fulfill client's needs, such as UU 10.5, ET 28 and UT 20. In addition, the purposes of using line filter capacitors are suppress these line disturbances at the source and keep potentially disruptive and electromagnetic interference out of susceptible equipment.

Picture of Choke Coils

Choke Coils

    Choke coils have divided into two series, which include normal mode and common mode. The normal mode of choke coils are compact in size, have low flux leakage and vibration noise. The common mode choke coils are also compact in size and are available in inductances up to 50 mill henries. Moreover, C.S. type, LTPC type, radial choke coil and toroidal choke coil are one of our main production lines. Thus, best transformer manufacturer, L. is the No 1 choice for you.

Picture of Steel Power

Steel Power

    L. specialized in design and manufacture of steel power and toroidal power transformer. Transformer manufacturer, L. is very concern about products' quality, durable, production process, competitive price and etc. The features of steel and toroidal power are improved insulation between the primary and secondary windings, reduce the magnetic field and keep the transformer quiet and efficient. Welcome to provide any inquires and suggestion for us!

Picture of SMD Inductor

SMD Inductor

    Transformer manufacturer provides various kinds of SMD inductor with shield and unshielded, including SMD chip, mini SMD and SMT power. The specifics of SMD inductor are small surface loaded high power inductor, high energy, low resistance and small sizes that typically be used for notebook computer, communication products, VCR and etc. L. is continuing to research and develop new products of SMD inductor to meet market demands.