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L. Battery Monitor System

BATTMASTER is the first wireless (license free), low cost battery monitoring system. It can be used in various applications such as: UPS, TELECOM, ELEVATORS, and CRITICAL BATTERY POWERED SYSTEMS. Use it for: Protecting mission critical systems Evaluating battery compliance with the systems Dimensioning new battery based systems Supporting claims related to system behaviorIt will dramatically improve control over the battery operating conditions, battery failure prediction, system reliability, installation, maintenance and operating costs, flexibility for the system extension.

BATTMASTER measures and stores battery voltage, temperature, current and internal resistance data for up to 1024 batteries/system. User settable alarms related to these parameters can be generated through email, LAN or GSM. The build-in clock helps you to keep a precise history of the monitored parameters.

BATTMASTER has a good measurement precision and a complete, user-friendly database. The recorded data can be easily transferred and processed as spreadsheets or graphs. BATTMASTER powerful user software allows a precise analysis of the logged data and eases your decision making process.

Module (DAM)

Central Unit (CU)
Data Acquisition
An Operating

System Components

  • Central Unit (CU) - 1/system
    Wireless data hub unit 1 CU can control up to 1024 DAMs and IDAMs (max.64) Provided with 2 MMC Flash cards and power supply
  • Data Acquisition Module (DAM) - 1/battery
    Voltage, temperature and internal resistance wireless data logger
  • Current Acquisition Module (IDAM) - optional, 1/battery string
    Current wireless data logger
  • PC optional (recommended)


  • Wireless (license free frequency, proprietary network protocol) between DAMs and CU, range (environment dependent)
  • USB, LAN between CU and PC
  • GSM- Optional, by SMS from CU to assigned supervisor
  • Dry Contacts for monitoring system alarms

Monitored Battery Parameters

  • Voltage (measurement accuracy: 0.5%)
  • Temperature (measurement accuracy: 2°C)
  • Internal Resistance (range 0.5 - 500m Ohm)
  • Discharging Cycles
  • Current (optional)

Recorded Data

  • PC Database: all logged and system set-up data
  • Flash Memory Cards: all logged measurements, events
  • DAMs Memory: 128 most significant events (time stamped), discharging cycles


  • Power supply back-up for CU (1.5h)
  • Simultaneous data storage on Flash cards and PC
  • DAM memory always stores most significant data, to be used in case of CU failure


  • DAM: size 80 x 56 x 21 mm, ABS UL84 V-0 enclosure, fixing to battery with VELCRO tape
  • CU: size 220 x 210 x 80 mm, ABS UL94 V-0 enclosure

Environmental and Markings

  • Operating Temperature: -20°C /+70°C, max RH 90% (non condensing)
  • Markings: CE